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Volunteering Opportunities

24 Hour Crisis Line: Taking a scheduled time during the month to help answer our 24-hour
hotline from your home.

CHILDREN’S GROUPS: Working with the chldren in shelter, one on one, support groups,
taking children on outings outside of the shelter, crafts, and other group activities.

BOARD MEMBERS: A commited board is the nucleus of a successful organization. Help us
bring to the forefront the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault by being on our board.

OFFICE ASSISTANCE: To be available to help with office work at our prgram offices. Help
with filing, collating, and sorting the newsletter, or answering the phones.

COMMUNITY MEETINGS: Staff tries to attend all community meetings in Hamblen, Hawkins,
Hancock, Claiborne, Grainger, and Union Counties. It is important that CEASE is
represented in the community so we can network with other agencies in order to provide
imformation for ourselves as well as the victims which we serve. We’d like for a staff
person and a volunteer to attend.

OUTREACH & PUBLIC RELATIONS: In several counties we keep information available to
hospitals, doctor’s offices, DCS, housing, school systems, etc. We try to re-supply our
materials to each county once a month.

FUNDRAISING EVENTS: Once a year we try to have an annual fundraising event. There are
so many jobs available during this time such as contacting donors, picking up donations,
sending out thank-yous, and working the events.

HEALTH FAIR BOOTHS: We participate in health fair and other local events to get our
information out to the community about our program. We need help sitting at thse booths.

SHELTER MAINTENANCE: Small work projects such as minor plumbing, fixing door knobs,
drilling holes, painting, etc.

TRANSPORTATION: Help by providing rides to DHS, housing, doctor’s appointments, and to
and from work.

CLIENT NEEDS: At times we may have a specific family that requires special attention or help
that need extra time and effort. Occasionally residents need child care when they have

DONATIONS: Assist in finding, picking up, and sorting furniture, linens, household goods,
food, and personal donations for the shelter.

PROVIDE SKILLS: Sharing or teaching a special skill to those in shelter. This may include
sewing, crafts, meal planning, budgeting, haircuts, a cooking class, etc. You would need to
provide all materials.