Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs)
are coalitions of agencies that serve sexual
assault victims. Core membership for
SARTs typically includes victim advocates,
law enforcement officers, forensic medical
examiners, forensic scientists, and prosecutors.
Multidisciplinary SARTs work together to
formalize interagency guidelines that prioritize
victims’ needs, hold offenders accountable, and
promote public safety.

SART models range from informal, cooperative
partnerships to more formalized, coordinated,
and multidisciplinary responses on local, regional,
state, tribal, or territory levels.

In general, SARTs are committed to victims’
rights and needs, organize their service delivery
to enhance evidence collection, and educate
the community about services available for the
intervention and prevention of sexual assault
(National Center for the Prosecution on Violence
Against Women, 1998). 
Facts about Sexual Assault:
  • All services are free.
  • The assault does not have to reported even if an exam is done.
  • The kit will be kept for 3 years and the assault can be reported at any time during that time frame.
  • Survivors are never alone! We will be with them every step of the way!