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Our Counseling Program serves individuals who have experienced domestic violence or sexual assault. Counselors are specially trained to address the safety needs and concerns of domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. Both group and individual counseling are available.​

Counseling in this program focuses on several things:

  • the effects of abuse,
  • crisis intervention,
  • sorting out feelings of confusion and helplessness, and
  • safety planning and support.

At CEASE, the client determines their counseling goals in collaboration with the counselor. No diagnosis or labels are given because being victimized is not a mental health issue.

Counseling for domestic or sexual assault survivors includes a focus on victim safety. This can mean many things to different survivors. For example, one person may need help staying safe from a physically violent perpetrator while another may be ready to explore feeling safe in a new relationship. Victims often report that talking to a counselor was the first time they were able to tell their story and be listened to without judgment or blame.

Counselors also work with supportive friends and family members who are dealing with their own feelings around the abuse of someone they love.

To set up a counseling session just call our office number at 423-581-7029 to make an appointment.